Microweber Features

Discover all features you can use to create and manage websites, online store or blog.

Live Edit

Easy way to create a website. We have developed the easiest way to write and edit content online and in real time.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop elements anywhere on your website.

Live Edit

You are free to browse and edit your website at the same time.

Real-time text writing

Write and edit the text in real time directly on your website.

Custom Layouts

Use the preset layouts of each theme to shape your web-page.

Custom Modules

Boost your website functionality with Microweber modules.

Mobile Optimized

Your website looks awesome on any mobile devices, it is easily readable on the screen.

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Admin Panel 

Powerful admin panel with a great user experience interface. 
Use it to edit and manage your website, online store or blog.

Real Time Statistics

Monitor your site's traffic in real time. Track your site views, visitors, orders and comments.

Dynamic Pages

Create dynamic pages is an easy task, just select from the template pre-define pages.

Content Management

You can choose between adding or edit pages, posts, categories, products or text.

Intuitive Interface

User-friendly website builder with great user experience.

Website Settings

The easiest way to control your website, online store or blog.

Module Manager

Search from a hundred modules and make your website looks professional. 

API Integrations

Microweber allows you to connect third-party applications and services. 

Marketplace Access

Full access to premium modules and templates available in the marketplace.

User Management

Give access to multiple users to help you with your online business.

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E-commerce Features

A full e-commerce solution for online business. 
E-commerce is one of the core features of Microweber CMS.

Easy Products Upload

Upload your product for less than a minute. Set multiple prices, SKU number, set products specifications and much more.

Orders Management

Track and manage orders from any device. 
All information about the order in one place.

Custom Fields

Setup custom fields and give your clients all the specification for your products.

Payment Methods

Setup your favorite payment method. If you still don’t have, use pay on delivery.


Set invoices for each order automatically.  Allow your clients to pay on time.

Client Management

Track and manage your client`s information. 
A quick view of their orders. 

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Blog Features

Easy content management. We have developed the easiest
way to write and edit content online in real time.

Easy Article Managing

You are able to find, manage, publish and unpublished your article easily.

Digital Media

Use videos, images, icons, fonts and more in your website.


Share your content with friends and other people, use the social modules. 


Moderate and respond to the comments on your blog.

Text Writing

‌ Write and decorate text in real time.

Client Management

Track and manage orders from any device. 
All information about the order in one place.

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Professional Features for Your Website

Alll your professional web features covered, so you can manage your website all in one place.

Custom Domain Name

Register the most appropriate name for your website.

Your own Mailbox

Create an email address using your own domain name.

Free Hosting

We provide free web hosting with cPanel/PHP/MySQL. The free plan includes Site Builder with unlimited pages


Track your visitors, orders, and comments in real time try your admin panel.

Website Navigation

You will never be lost with the easy website tree navigation.

High Security

Web security is important to any business,
we have it.

Social Tools

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and much more are available.  

SSL Certified

High-level 2048-bit encryption and 99.9% browsers compatibility.

User management

Create and manage users and set them a role.

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