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Microweber - you guys rock, you making Presta, OS Commerce and Magento... etc etc... look like bad starts-ups. Your drag and drop creates a complete creative canvas to express ones shop with freedom from modules and rigidity, unlike the rest whose learning curve is like cave tunneling and lost in menus upon menus. You have achieved creative abstraction with ease in your product. Big Up.! - Teoma

Wow. I feel like your product is too good to be true. I have been looking (and I'm embarrassed to say for a month now) for something that would allow me to go with my own website host, while at the same time, easy enough for me to manage like a Shopify or Wix, without constant work and fear of hacking, also with eCommerce. I'm doing everything alone, with very little money, trying to get an environmentally focused product start up going, and so I thank you for what seems just amazing software. - Lexi

Hi... I am web designer and web based applications maker for at least 8 years with Woocommerce . I found Microweber is amazing easy answered all my time questions. - Bove Roeroe

Make a website with drag and drop.

With Microweber you can make websites very fast using the drag and drop technology.

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This CMS is pretty impressive! I need something that's easy for my clients to manage, and has a small server footprint to keep their hosting costs low. Anyway, good job and keep up the good work! - Draven Vestatt

I found microweber a lot easier to use than wordpress or joomla and I hope it can rival wordpress and become of the major CMS - John

Hi! I am really enjoying the discovery of your platform. I think it it is probably the MOST user-friendly, and COMPLETE content offering tool for a small business. - Jean Karl Georges

Just a piece of information for you, I am 63 year old, never set up a website, and find your tools very friendly. My learning curve is steep but if can do this any one should be able. Thank you - Harry

Good morning, I am Bertrand from Glasgow (Scotland, United Kingdom). I only discovered and tested microweber this morning. Your CMS looks fantastic. I am not a web programmer but I would like to be able to help and contribute. I really liked what I saw. Regards, Bertrand - Bertrand

Hi, First of all you do a great job. Awesome and easy to use CMS. Greetings from neighbor Bodrum/Turkey. I'm running a web design business. Currently using wordpress for our clients, but i think microweber is easy to understand and use according to wordpress for clients. Thank you, Ozan. - Ozan Çanaklı

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